How it works

Before the sale


As soon as the sale of a horse is scheduled and announced on, you have the possibility to go and inspect it where it is based. The inspection period lasts about a week.

All inspections take place by appointment made with ARQANA TROT.

Veterinary file

The content of the veterinary file of each horse for sale is indicated on The file may be consulted where the horse is based during the entire inspection period.

The file is also accessible on an online vet box. Veterinary surgeons who complete an online application will receive an access code from ARQANA TROT to log on to the horse’s online vet file.

Registering for a sale

Only people who successfully registered with ARQANA TROT are allowed to bid. To register for a sale, you must:

     1. Create your personal account (you will receive a login and password)

     2. Apply online to be registered for the sale of your choice

Once registered, you will receive a personal access code to log on securely to the bidding platform.

During the sale

Logging in

To bid, go to and enter your details (login / password) in the top right corner. Then click "join the sale".


Enter the amount of your bid and click on "bid". To confirm your bid, you will be asked to enter your personal access code - failing what your bid will not be validated. Once your bid is taken into account, the service will inform you that you are holding the bid. From this moment, you will be granted a two minute cancellation period. After five minutes, your bid becomes irrevocable. 

Being informed of overbids

You will be informed via email and/or text message of all bids superior to yours. By clicking on the email, you will be able to return to the platform and bid again. Bids placed by other buyers are public and visible on the website. Therefore, you are informed of how many individual bidders have taken part, and the amount of their bids. However, the identity of the bidders is not disclosed.

Assessing my bid with regards to the vendor's expectations

As soon as your bid has exceeded the vendor's expectations, a "SELLING" sign appears on the bidding page, informing you that the horse is on the market.


End of the sale

Duration of the sale


Sale closing


Sales are usually staged over two days. However, duration may vary from one sale to another.



The end of the sale is set at a precise time. A countdown indicates the remaining time to place bids.

"Extra time" rule

For all sales, this rule ensures that all bidders are given a minimum of 20 minutes to place a bid.

For instance, when a sale is scheduled to end at 8:00pm and a bidder places a bid at 7:55pm, will grant all other bidders 20 extra minutes to place a final bid. The end of the sale will therefore be postponed to 8:15pm (7:55pm + 20 minutes). This rule may apply as many times as necessary.

Being informed of the sale's outcome

 You will receive an email informing you of the sale’s final outcome.

After the sale

Sale confirmation

An email confirming the purchase will be sent to the highest bidder as soon as the sale is completed.


ARQANA TROT will send the purchase invoice to the purchaser via email and post, according to the conditions of sales