How to sell

Before the sale

Online in 48h

Your decision to put your horse on the market is made? In only 48h, ARQANA TROT can plan the sale, announce it on with all the necessary information on your horse, and widely promote this special event, which can take place a week later.

A spectacular showcase

One sale = one horse! Your charge is granted total exclusivity for optimum showcasing.

It is presented in full details on the website, including photos, videos, pedigree and form (including video replays).

ARQANA TROT promotes the sale with all its clients, via emails and advertising.

Inspections monitored by ARQANA TROT

ARQANA TROT organises the appointments with all people interested in inspecting your horse. The inspection schedule (days and time frame) is determined with you so as not to disturb your organisation.

Precise instructions regarding the vet file

 ARQANA TROT will inform you precisely of the requested elements for the vet file. If you so wish, we can also liaise directly with your vet to compile the file.

During the sale

Personalised tracking of bids

You are informed, via email and/or text message and in real time, of all bids placed on your horse.


End of the sale

Duration of the sale


Closing of the sale


Sales are usually staged over two days. However, duration may vary from one sale to another.



The end of the sale is set at a precise time. A countdown indicates the remaining time to place bids.

"Extra time" rule

For all sales, this rule ensures that all bidders are given a minimum of 20 minutes to place a bid.

For instance, when a sale is scheduled to end at 8:00pm and a bidder places a bid at 7:55pm, allows all other bidders 20 extra minutes to place a final bid. The end of the sale is therefore postponed to 8:15pm (7:55pm + 20 minutes). This rule applies as many times as necessary.

Being informed of the sale's outcome

You will receive an email informing you of the sale’s final outcome.

After the sale

Sale confirmation

An email confirming the purchase will be sent to the highest bidder as soon as the sale is completed.


A sale confirmation slip will be sent to the vendor via email and post, according to the conditions of sale.